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This is the spot for Confederate sharpshooter unit histories or reenactment contacts. Almost every Confederte state had at least one battlaion of Sharpshooters, so hopefully this page will grow even more. To make things a little easier to understand I have put an astrisk (*) in front of all the reenactment units.

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Confederate Sharpshooters

Artist's report on the sharpshooter photo's taken at Devil's Den:
An interesting report. This artist believe's the man photographed actually is a sharpshooter who was killed at Devil's Den and then moved down the hill, the exact opposite of common belief. He brings up some interesting points. Check it out.

Bridges' Sharpshooter Battalion:
Rapley's [12th Arkansas Battalion] Sharpshooters:
Stirman's Sharpshooter Regiment:

David Culpepper, 1st Battlion Georgia Sharpshooters:
1st Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters:
3rd Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters:
4th Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters:

*Co B, Austin's Sharpshooters: Illinois (Independent Guard Battalion)

*Co C, 9th Battalion Missouri Sharpshooters "Pindalls": St. Charles, Mo

North Carolina
1st North Carolina Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters:
*1st Battalion North Carolina Sharpshooters: Colorado

South Carolina
*1st Company Sharpshooters South Carolina Volunteers: California (NCWA)
Palmetto Sharshooters:

24th Tennessee Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters:
Maney's Company Tennessee Sharpshooters:

*Maxey's Colour Guard, Co A, 1st Texas Sharpshooters: Texas

*Co A., 30th Batt. Va. Sharpshooters/High Ground Reenactors: Indiana